Fat Albert

Fat Albert

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After years of pressure in the late 1960's from political action groups such as ACT, the "big three" networks pledged to help clean up children's television: it would have a more distinct sense of educational value and be culturally diverse. The Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids show premiered on Saturday mornings in 1972, and was seen as an attempt by the networks to appease the grumblings of "the mothers from Boston," as ACT was often known. Perhaps even unexpectedly, the Bill Cosby animated vehicle was a true success, and ran for more than ten years on Saturday mornings. And quite by accident, Fat Albert yielded another happy bonus. In 1973, King Seeley produced the Fat Albert metal lunchbox with matching plastic thermos. It was the first lunchbox ever to have exclusively African American characters pictured in the artwork.

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King Seeley Thermos

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