18 Wheeler

18 Wheeler

Synopsis of Lunch Box

The mid-1970's saw big rig truckers finally get their due as American icons. The Citizen's Band was well populated with "good buddies" letting out a collective "10-4" in salute to the open road. Truckers were one of a few remaining symbols of American freedom and spirit (other than the crying Indian guy). Songs like "Convoy" and movies like Citizen's Band and Smokey and the Bandit romanticized the rogue life of the trucker. Aladdin picked up on the trend with this metal box in 1978 with matching plastic thermos. On one side, a trucker happily stops for obvious authority figures checking to see if the rig is too heavy. On the other side of the box is the interior of the cab. Father and son cruise the highway together in an idyllic scene wherein the son excitedly tries out his new handle. A thermos sits on the seat between father and son, gleaming with untold promise.

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Aladdin Industries

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