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There was no manual for learning how to dress yourself, so for the style-challenged, Garan Incorporated developed ‘Garanimals,’ a line of kid-friendly fashions that made it a snap to dress snappy. Like training wheels on your bike, Garanimals prepared you for the real thing.

Garanimals started helping kids learn to dress in the 70’s when they marketed a line of separates made to mix and match with the help of the animal kingdom. Each piece, both tops and bottoms, belonged to different animals, and all you had to do was put an elephant with an elephant, a tiger with a tiger, and you get the picture. Sure, you could mix up the animals, but then you were on your own. Many future geeks thought they were too smart to learn from the Garanimals, and well…you know what happened to them, don’t you?

When you were big enough to dress yourself, Garanimals protected you from bad decisions. If you didn’t have any kind of fashion sense, you just used your Garanimals smarts to pair colors and patterns together.

Giving up your Garanimals was a rite of passage into the ‘big kid’ world, one of the most terrifying places to be when it comes to fashion. No more help from friendly faces, and having mom pick out your clothes would certainly guarantee geekdom, a fate worse than no Garanimals at all. And so you went, into the dark recesses of the closet, to make a statement the only way you knew how. Dressing sure would be a lot easier if they made Garanimals for adults.

Can you beleive that years later Garanimals is still keenly sort after!

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