Gitano jeans

Gitano jeans

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The next best thing to expensive designer jeans, Gitanos were available in K-Mart (making moms happy), and the kids were pleased to get something, anything scrawled across their butt. A low-priced jean that catered to the designer denim craze, Gitano followed the Chic trend of utilizing special fits to keep them in the race against the horse (Jordache), the bull (Sergio Valente) and the swan (Gloria Vanderbilt). Gitano didn’t have—didn’t need—a mascot. They simply offered a great fit at a great value.

So why the disrespect for these cost-conscious, comfortable duds? Well, label lust is a strange phenomenon, and in the fickle days of youth, fitting in was more important than fitting in your jeans. Being cool meant having the right label on your behind, and if your pants always seemed to be a little highwater because your legs were too long, or the name across your bottom stretched out more than it should, it didn’t matter. You had the right name on your jeans, and that was all that mattered.

But Gitano tried, and they won, as the name became acceptable for at least the bottom rung of the designer climb. P.S. (Personal Size) Gitano offered special fit in both proportion and body style, so whether you were tall or petite, hourglass or beanpole, there was a pair of Gitanos that fit you. And that’s what has kept them on the market after all these years. Girls who grew up with a good fit didn’t need to care about label lust.

Even country rock star Shania Twain stands behind the Gitano name (actually, it stands behind her, on her behind, but who’s arguing?). Gitano was acquired by Fruit of the Loom in 1994, and the undie company brought the 80’s jeans into the 90’s when it sponsored Shania’s ‘Perfect Fit’ tour of ’98.

Gitano still makes jeans for the real woman, along with an expanded line of other comfort fit apparel. Now a whole new generation of girls can learn about the only fit that matters: fitting into your own skin. And a great pair of jeans makes it that much easier.

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