Wedge (Dorothy Hamill hair)

Wedge (Dorothy Hamill hair)

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For gals who didn’t have the time to spend with the round brush and blow dryer for the perfect wingback style of Farrah Fawcett, there was the short and sassy wedge cut made famous by Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill. Dorothy’s gold medal performance at the 1976 Winter Olympics was almost overshadowed by the commentary about her signature hairstyle. Finally giving a look to stick-straight hair, her wedge cut would fall effortlessly back into place whether doing a triple-axel jump or jumping for joy.

Girls lopped off their locks to look like America’s sweetheart. The wedge was really nothing new: boys had been getting the ‘bowl cut’ for centuries, but this was a bold new look for girls. You didn’t have to be a tomboy to love the style, but beware: with no long hair hassles, there were no more excuses to hog the bathroom in the morning when getting ready for school. Your brother might just think you’re keen.

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