Wedge heel

Wedge heel

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In those always-surprising 70’s, the platform shoe morphed into a crazy wave known as the wedge heel. The solid base sole was supposedly safer than the clunky platform base and stack heel that platform shoes were based on, but that was fairly subjective. The wedge was dangerous on its own right, but anything that balanced you on a six-inch tower was a bit suspect. One solid surface did seem to give at least the ‘illusion’ of stability.

When a wedge was minimal, it was indeed safer than the precarious heels of pumps. But those kinds of wedge shoes were for old ladies and nurses…the wedges we cared about were the wipeout-size waves of the 70’s. Because the base was soooooooooo high and mighty, ultra-light cork was a favorite material. Wood was like strapping big logs onto your feet, and it seemed just as heavy. Ankle straps were commonly seen on wedge shoes because they worked as stabilizers; like the suspension cable on a bridge, the straps grounded the shoes to your feet.

These wacky contraptions returned in the 90’s next to their partner in crime, the platform heel.

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