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These sunglass/hat combinations were absolutely vital for the roller skater, beachgoer, or fashion diva. Created in hard plastic, or from fabrics like cotton or terry cloth, visors shaded the wearer’s eyes from the sun, offering shade to the face when sunglasses weren’t enough.

A crescent-shaped visor fitted snugly against the forehead at the base of the hairline via a curved, plastic band. No more sunhats flying away with a sudden gust of wind, or shocking raccoon eyes where sunglasses used to sit. The visor combined function and fashion and was perfect for all ages.

Some visors were opaque and blocked the sun, while others were translucent plastic that allowed the sun to shine through, reflecting colors to your face much like a stained glass window. As the craze continued, they got even more outrageous when someone hooked up a string of battery-powered lights that turned you into a walking, or more commonly, a roller skating disco light extravaganza.

The baseball cap soon replaced the beloved visor, but it remains a favorite with tennis ladies, vacationers and senior citizens.

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