Valley Girls / Val Dudes

Valley Girls / Val Dudes

Fashion Synopsis

“Like gag me with a spoon! Gross me out! Fer Sure! Totally!”

Like the fashion plates of high school, valley girls lived to shop, and fer sure looked totally bitchin’ in their Gloria Vanderbilt designer jeans, Camp Beverly Hills pastel color blocked tops and fashion colored L.A. Gear hi-tops. And duh!, like no outfit was complete without a braided headband to go with the side ponytail or feathered hair, fer sure!

Their boyfriends, the val dudes, cruised the mall to show off their tripendicular bods in tight Izod shirts (collars flipped up) tucked into their Sassons, and their Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses hanging from a neck strap. Their hair, center parted and feathered back, was totally gnarly, but like in a good way, you know. If the val girl was lucky, he would give her his ID bracelet to wear as a sign of ownership.

Originating in California's San Fernando Valley, valley girls and dudes borrowed laid-back slang from surfers on the beach and took it back across the mountain to the mall. Thanks to Mommy and Daddy’s money, these val kids didn’t have to look like the grody punksters in Hollyweird.

First came Moon Unit Zappa’s song, then the movie, and with the wave of your Kissing Slicks wand, all of America was under the spell of the valley girl. The Valley was forever immortalized, and soon girls in Kansas could claim right to “Barf me out to the max! I’m soooo sure!”

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