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Sport glasses turned designer label, Vuarnet was totally rad—so rad that the name itself symbolized the ultimate in cooldom. For those who couldn’t afford the strasopheric prices of the sunglasses, the circular logo with the capitol V was displayed on t-shirts and stickers plastered across the rearview windows of cars and trucks. Vuarnets were a coveted piece of property that guaranteed a much-respected slot in the in crowd.

The classic Vuarnet style 4002 was engineered for snow skiers by the company Vuarnet France as an athletic necessity. A blend of high-quality craftsmanship and style, these shades kept you way cool both on and off the slopes. Vuarnet sunglasses became the status symbol for high school boys, and were proudly displayed via the ultra-bad neoprene neck strap or sunglass case. But with glasses this rad, why take them off?

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