Eton suits

Eton suits

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The boys at England’s Eton public school have influenced a slew of styles for both girls and boys through the years. In the 1920’s, girls cropped their hair to extreme short styles above the ear, in the manner of the Eton schoolboys. This short styled hair was dubbed the ‘Eton crop,’ and propelled legions of young ladies to follow suit. But short hair was nothing compared to the head-to-toe domination of the conservative Eton suit for boys.

In the 40’s, boys were not boys, but ‘young gentlemen,’ and were expected to dress and behave accordingly. There was little difference between Sunday best and casual wear, and most boys dressed in miniature versions of their father’s suits. It was common for very young boys from affluent families to dress in the respectable and exclusive Eton boy style. The suit experienced great popularity in America in the 40's and 50's for boys under the age of 5.

The Eton suit featured a lapel-less suit coat, with the white collar of their shirt predominantly displayed. No tie was worn with the oxford shirt, and rounded peter pan collars frequently replaced the oxford shirt. The suit featured knickers, or short pants that were also called ‘suspender shorts.’ The short pants ended above the knee, exposing the sensitive knee to the elements. White knee socks and an Eton cap finished the look, guaranteeing a properly-attired, swell fellow to make Mom beam with pride.

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