Eek! Stravaganza

Eek! Stravaganza

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

With the success of Eek! And the Terrible Thunderlizards, Fox Children’s Network and producer Savage Steve Holland decided to launch yet another supporting segment for that frantic purple feline, Eek! The Cat. The newest element on Eek! Stravaganza was Klutter, starring a living pile of junk underneath a bed in the Heap family home. Ryan and Wade brought Klutter to life when they realized their severely allergy-prone father would never let them have a "real" pet.

The Klutter segments were joined by new episodes of Eek! The Cat and The Terrible Thunderlizards. The title character of Eek! The Cat was a trouble-prone cat with a simple motto: “It never hurts to help.” But hurt it did. Despite his good intentions, Eek! was a feline landmine, and his good deeds always ended in disaster. Usually on the receiving end of Eek!’s “help” was Elmo the Elk, who somehow managed to stay best friends with the catastrophic kitty. Eek! lived with a human family—Mom, who studied bizarre foreign languages, and siblings J.B. and Wendy Elizabeth, who cooked up plot after plot to torment poor Eek! Brightening up his otherwise troublesome life was next-door neighbor Annabelle, a hugely overweight pink cat who had a pet “sharkdog” named Sharky. Other regular characters included the Squishy Bearz, stars of J.B. and Wendy Elizabeth’s favorite TV cartoon. The Bearz, down and out versions of the Care Bears, were usually blown up or otherwise mangled by the show’s end.

The Terrible Thunderlizards—Day Z. Kutter, Doc Tari, and Bo “Diddly” Squatt—were a group of “New Age” dinosaurs, freed from prison to serve General Galapagos as a special force. Their mission: to wipe out the human race. Of course, at the time (135 million years in the past), the human race consisted of two people—Scooter and Bill. Scooter was an inventor, and Bill was the one suckered into testing the inventions, which ranged from the wheel to electricity to the talk show. Despite the cavemen’s apparent incompetence, the dinosaurs never managed to catch them.

Fox apparently had plenty of confidence in the new Eek! Stravaganza, running it both on Saturday mornings and on weekday afternoons. The network’s confidence paid off, as Eek! and company continued their successful run for another two seasons.

Release History

9/9/95 - 9/5/97 Fox

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Fox Children's Network, Savage Studios, Nelvana

Television Cast

Eek! The Cat Bill Kopp
Annabelle Tawny Kitaen
Annabelle Karen Haber
Sput Charlie Adler
Wendy Elizabeth E. G. Daily
Mittens Dan Castellaneta
Scooter Curtis Armstrong
Scooter Bill Kopp
Bill Dan Castellaneta
Doc Tari Savage Steve Holland
Bo 'Diddly' Squatt Jason Priestly
Savage Steve Holland Himself
Thuggo Brad Garrett
Agent Scully Gillian Anderson
Agent Mulder David Duchovny
Star Commander Berzerk William Shatner
Sloth Jeffrey Jones
Fabio Himself
Cynthia Rothrock Herself
Ryan Heap Cam Clark
Wade Heap Savage Steven Holland
Sandee Heap Sandy Fox
Andrea Heap Kathy Ireland
John Heap David Silverman
Klutter Kirk Thatcher
Vanna Halle Standford
Mel Dan Castellaneta
Nel Amy Heckerling
Kopp Kirk Thatcher
Voices Tina Arning
Voices Jaid Barrymore
Voices Cam Clarke
Voices Tim Curry
Voices Anita Dangler
Voices Elinor Donahue
Voices Adam Goldberg
Voices Phil Hartman
Voices Buck Henry
Voices Ildiko Jaid
Voices Nia James
Voices Jon Kassir
Voices Kimberly Kates
Voices John Landis
Voices Gail Obodzinski
Voices Gary Owens
Voices Bronson Pinchot
Voices Kurtwood Smith

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