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This half-hour action/drama series was adapted from The Last Electric Knight, an installment of The Disney Sunday Movie. It focused on the life of Sergeant Jake Rizzo, a policeman who was chosen to become an adoptive father to Ernie Lee by Sabasan, his dying grandfather. Rizzo was reluctant to have his bachelor life and police career co-opted by unwanted fatherly duties, but he reluctantly gave in.

Soon enough, Rizzo discovered that he had gotten more than he bargained for. Both Ernie and Sabasan came from an obscure country known as Patasan, which was the home to a clan of mystical martial artists known as “The Electric Knights.” It turned out that Ernie was the last heir of this clan and had inherited the martial-arts skills and mystical abilities that came with the designation.

The show’s plotlines usually revolved around Ernie’s using these natural skills to help Rizzo solve his cases while trying to adjust to his new life. Patricia Blake, a social worker, turned up on a regular basis to keep an eye on Ernie. Sabasan would occasionally appear to Ernie is Kung Fu-style flashback sequences. Rounding out the cast of characters were Rizzo’s compatriot, Detective R.T. Mooney, and Rizzo and Mooney’s boss, Captain Blanks.

The show ended its run in June of 1987 after only one season. It was a real family affair for young star Ernie Reyes Jr. (who played—you guessed it—Ernie): his father, Ernie Sr., choreographed the action sequences, and his little brother Lee portrayed the young Ernie in the flashbacks involving Sabasan.

Release History of Prime Time Show

9/19/86 - 3/14/87 ABC
6/6/87 - 6/27/87 ABC

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TV Cast

Ernie Lee Ernie Reyes Jr.
Sgt. Jake Rizzo Gil Gerard
Patricia Blake Nancy Stafford
Sabasan Keye Luke
Captain Blanks Vinny Argiro
Det. Mooney Frank Bonner

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