I'm a Big Girl Now

I'm a Big Girl Now

Synopsis of TV Show

Perennial television favorite Danny Thomas, whose past successes included the long-running Make Room For Daddy (a.k.a. The Danny Thomas Show), took another stab at prime time comedy with I’m A Big Girl Now.

Unlike the family-themed comedies he had toplined in past years, this show featured a distinctly modern premise: Thomas played Dr. Benjamin Douglass, a dentist whose wife had just left him to go to Spain with his partner. Douglass moved in with his daughter Diana, who was suffering similar setbacks in her personal life after having just divorced her husband.

Benjamin, being very set in his ways, ended up in a comedic battle of the wills with Diana as he attempted to tell her how to run her life. Diana, determined not to be bossed around, would give back as good as she got. Both periodically dated and thus provided each other with plenty of zinger material.

The daddy-daughter battle of wills was the show's trademark, but there was also plenty of interaction with other characters: Diana's brother Walter and sister-in-law Polly, her boss Edie and co-workers Neal and Karen, and the obligatory cutie pie, Diana's seven-year-old daughter Becky.

The show only ran one season, but Danny Thomas returned to sitcomdom one more time in 1986's One Big Family.

Release History of Prime Time Show

10/31/80 - 7/24/81 ABC

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TV Cast

Dr. Benjamin Douglass Danny Thomas
Diana Cassidy Diana Canova
Becky Cassidy Rory King
Edie McKendrick Sheree North
Walter Douglass Michael Durrell
Karen Hawks Deborah Baltzell
Neal Stryker Martin Short

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