It's A Living

It's A Living

Synopsis of TV Show

It's a Living had a cast of veterans like Ann Jillian, Susan Sullivan, Crystal Bernard and sheryl lee ralph in later episodes. It debuted on ABC in October of 1980 and Ran for one season then production started again in 1985 and it ran for four more seasons in sindication. It revolves around the trials and tribulations of waitresses in the "Top" a chic resturaunt above a California High rise .

The series' first two seasons produced 39 episodes. However, when it aired in syndication, it produced 81 additional episodes, making the final episode count 120 episodes.

In 1985, the show was revived under its old name for the syndicated market. Most of the cast remained intact from the former version. A new waitress, Amy Tompkins (Crystal Bernard), arrived at the restaurant and was immediately accepted by the group. When Jillian decided to leave the show in 1986 (She only agreed to do one season in syndication, plus she wanted to continue her treatments for breast cancer), she was replaced by Ginger St. James (Sheryl Lee Ralph), the first black waitress to be showcased on the sitcom. With these core cast members in place, the show continued to produce episodes for syndication until the show was ended in 1989.

TV Cast

Crystal Bernard - Amy Tompkins (1985-1989)
Earl Boen - Dennis Hubner (1981-1982)
Gail Edwards - Dot Higgins (1980-1982, 1985-1989)
Ann Jillian - Cassie Cranston (1980-1982, 1985-1986)
Paul Kreppel - Sonny Mann, ne Manischewitz (1980-1982, 1985-1989)
Louise Lasser - Maggie McBurney (1981-1982)
Marian Mercer - Nancy Beebe (1980-1982, 1985-1989)
Sheryl Lee Ralph - Ginger St. James (1986-1989)
Bert Remsen - Mario (1980-1981)
Wendy Schaal - Vicki Allen (1980-1981)
Richard Stahl - Howard Miller (1985-1989)
Susan Sullivan - Lois Adams (1980-1981)
Barrie Youngfellow - Jan Hoffmeyer (1980-1982, 1985-1989)

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TV Cast

Crystal Bernard - Amy Tompkins (1985-1989)
Ann Jillian - Cassie Cranston (1982-1989)

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