Synopsis of TV Show

Before his stints as Uncle Jesse on Full House and as a tour drummer for The Beach Boys, John Stamos tried to live out his rock and roll dreams on television, in 1984’s Dreams.

An attempt to capitalize on the music video craze, the show revolved around an aspiring Philadelphia rock band. Dreams, the band, consisted of guitarist Gino Manelli (Stamos), bass player Phil Taylor, vocalist Martha Spino, keyboardist Moe Weiner, Angie the drummer, and recently-added vocalist Lisa Copely. Gino and Phil worked as machinists during the day, and by night they would rock out with their band at Club Frank. The hangout was run by Frank Franconi (Gino's uncle) and his wife Louise.

The dream of Dreams began and ended within a single month, October of 1984. But despite the cancellation of the show, after less than a month, a soundtrack LP featuring the band was released.

Release History of Prime Time Show

10/3/84 - 10/31/84 CBS

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TV Cast

Gino Minnelli John Stamos
Martha Spino Jami Gertz
Phil Taylor Cain Devore
Morris Weiner Albert Macklin
Lisa Copley Valerie Stevenson
Louise Franconi Sandy Freeman
Frank Franconi Ron Karabatsos
Torpedo Bill Henderson

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