Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Synopsis of TV Show

Right before shooting began for NBC’s Double Trouble, it was decided that Liz and Jean Sagal should switch parts. When the show aired, it was Liz who played Allison and Jean who played Kate. Of course, the Sagals are identical twins, so even if they’d changed characters in the middle of an episode, no one would have been the wiser.

Kate and Allie (not to be confused with Kate & Allie) were your typical television twins; that is, they were total opposites. Whereas Allie Foster was a studious and sensible high school student, Kate Foster was headstrong and impulsive. They both lived in Des Moines with their widowed father Art. Also on board was Art’s lady friend, Beth McConnell.

The series left the air in September of 1984, and when it returned three months later, the girls had somehow finished high school and were now living in New York City with their Aunt Margo, who wrote “Bongo Bear” children’s books. In the Big Apple, Kate pursued acting while Allison studied fashion design. Joining the cast were Allison’s pompous teacher, Mr. Arrechia, and comedy partners "The Funny Boys," Charles Kincaid and Billy Batalano, two actors who also lived in Margo’s townhouse.

The new format didn't save Double Trouble, however. The show was cancelled at the end of the 1984-85 season.

Release History of Prime Time Show

4/4/84 - 9/5/84 NBC
12/1/84 - 8/21/85 NBC

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TV Cast

Kate Foster Jean Sagal
Allison Foster Liz Sagal
Art Foster (1984) Donnelly Rhodes
Beth McConnell (1984) Patricia Richardson
Michael Gillette (1984) Jon Caliri
Margo Foster Barbara Barrie
Mr. Arrechia Michael D. Roberts
Billy Batalato Jonathan Schmock
Charles Kincaid James Vallely
Aileen Lewis Anne-Marie Johnson

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