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“It's more than a feeling,
When I hear that old song they used to play (more than a feeling),
Then I begin dreaming (more than a feeling),
'till I see Marianne walk away,
I see my Marianne walkin' away...”

There are few groups who have redefined the sound of mainstream rock and roll the way the Boston did. They came out of nowhere in 1976 and set the pop music world on its ear with guitar-laced epics like “More Than A Feeling” and “Peace Of Mind.” These songs blended pop hooks and rock energy to perfection, presenting them in a high-tech style that kept them exciting and powerful after endless listens. As a result, their debut album became one of the most successful records ever and defined the sound of pop-friendly rock for years to come. It also transformed Boston into guaranteed hit-makers.

Boston was founded by Tom Scholz, a music-loving MIT student. After graduation, he began recording elaborate demos with some musician friends in a small, self-constructed studio. The demos were so good that Scholz soon won a record contract, and with a few overdubs added, those demos became the first Boston album. The finished product was an array of catchy, carefully-crafted rock songs done in a style that effortlessly mixed rock and roll muscle with pop smoothness. The album's first single, “More Than A Feeling,” gave a perfect example, mixing romantic angst with an operatically-intense rock sound to become a #5 hit.

Boston sold 15 million copies in the U.S. alone and tons more worldwide. Meanwhile, the album was in constant rotation on the radio, thanks to hits like the guitar-fest “Peace Of Mind” and the keyboard-driven sing-along “Long Time.” In 1978, Boston released Don’t Look Back. The title cut was a joyous statement of optimism driven home with a pounding-rock sound of guitars and full-throated harmonies. It became a Top-5 hit as the album soared to #1. Meanwhile, the band embarked on their first tour. They found sell-out success at every stop and left plenty of smiling, rocking fans in their wake.

At this point, Tom Scholz decided to throw deadlines to the wind for the next Boston album. Since Don’t Look Back didn’t fully live up to his perfectionist standards, he decided to take as much time as necessary to finish the new album. To support himself during the several years it took to complete the next album, he set a company called Scholz Research and Development to develop new technology for rock musicians. He soon hit paydirt with the Rockman, a miniature guitar amplifier that has become standard equipment for rockers everywhere.

In 1986, Boston resurfaced for the first time in eight years with Third Stage. Its technically-flawless combination of rockers and power ballads lived up to expectations and gave the group their second #1 album. The group scored also scored a first when “Amanda,” a ballad with powerful guitar-driven choruses, became their first #1 single. “We’re Ready,” a song that balanced mid-tempo verses with hard-rocking choruses in true Boston style, also became a Top-10 hit. Meanwhile, Boston went on tour as Third Stage became the first album to reach gold status (500,000 copies sold) in the CD format.

After the expected multi-year wait, Boston returned to the pop charts in 1994 with Walk On. Like the group’s previous albums, it quickly went platinum and led to a successful tour. In 1997, the group released a Greatest Hits album and followed it with a two-month tour of the U.S. Currently, Tom Scholz is hard at work with his core of musicians on their next Boston opus. No one can predict when it will be ready, but one of thing is for sure: When Boston unleashes their next classic-rock epic, there will be fans lined up and waiting for their return all over the world.

Artist Release History

1976 - Boston
1978 - Don't Look Back
1986 - Third Stage
1994 - Walk On
1997 - Greatest Hits
1998 - Rock and Roll Band (compilation)
2000 - Boston/REO Speedwagon (compilation)

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Boston (Epic)

Band Members

Tom Scholz guitar, keyboards
Brad Delp lead vocals, guitar
Barry Goudreau guitar
Fran Sheehan bass
Sib Hashian drums

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