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Cilla Black

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“You're my world,
You're every breath I take,
You're my world,
You're every move I make...”

When The Beatles hit big, plenty of pop acts from their home town of Liverpool took a shot at international fame. Most of them had a hit or two, but few found the long-lasting success that Cilla Black achieved. This pop vocalist became an international star in the mid-1960’s with a string of impeccable pop songs and ballads that were mostly produced by George Martin, the producer for The Beatles. The success of these songs made it possible for ‘England’s answer to Dionne Warwick’ to become an institution in the world of pop music.

Cilla Black was born Priscilla White and was a full-time typist when she began singing at Liverpool’s famous Cavern Club in her spare time. The name change was an accident, brought about when a reporter for the local paper Mersey Beat remembered the wrong color as her surname. The erstwhile White became friends with the pre-fame Beatles and also came to the attention of their eventual manager, Brian Epstein, who helped her land a record contract. In 1963, she released her first single, a Lennon/McCartney original called “Love of the Loved.”

However, it was her next single that put Cilla Black on the fast track to pop stardom. Black covered the Dionne Warwick hit “Anyone Who Had a Heart,” landing a #1 single in the U.K. Ultimately, it would become the most successful single by a female singer in the history of British pop music. The song also sold over a million copies internationally. Black followed this success with “You’re My World,” a sweeping ballad that was an English translation of an Italian song. It became another international hit and would eventually become Cilla Black’s signature song.

By 1965, Cilla Black was a full-fledged star. She toured the world and made an impressive appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. The next year, she scored another signature hit with her version of the Burt Bacharach classic “Alfie,” which was also the title song for a classic film starring Michael Caine. In 1968, she began hosting her own variety series for BBC Television. The show’s theme song, a Lennon/McCartney tune called “Step Inside Love,” became a Top-10 hit in the U.K.

In the 1970’s and 80’s, Cilla Black made the transition from pop star to family entertainer. She continued to score hits throughout Europe with songs like “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” (from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar) and toured to appreciative audiences around the world. She also played major roles in successful English TV shows like Blind Date and Surprise Surprise. In 1993, she celebrated her thirtieth year in show business.

Cilla Black’s success came full circle in 1997 when she was awarded the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth for her many distinguished achievements as an entertainer. She continues to record today and also maintains a busy performance schedule that takes her around the globe on a regular basis. Her gentle yet soulful voice will no doubt continue to be a staple of pop music for listeners all over the world.

Artist Release History

1965 - Cilla
1965 - Is It Love
1966 - Cilla Sings a Rainbow
1966 - It's for You
1968 - Sher-Oo!
1968 - Best of Cilla
1969 - Surround Yourself with Cilla
1970 - Sweet Inspiration
1970 - You're My World
1971 - Images
1973 - Day by Day
1974 - In My Life
1975 - Yesterday
1976 - It Makes Me Feel So Good
1978 - Modern Priscilla
1983 - Very Best of Cilla Black
1995 - Cillas's World
1997 - The Abbey Road Decade 1963-1973 (compilation)
1998 - The Best of the EMI Years (compilation)
1998 - Her Greatest Hits
1999 - The Essential Cilla Black 1963-1978(compilation)

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