Color Me Badd

Color Me Badd

Synopsis of Pop Music

“Dream on... dream away,
I think I'm gonna have to stay,
Stay forever,
I adore... mi amor...”

Long before there was a Backstreet Boys or an N’Sync, Color Me Badd ruled the pop charts with a churning mixture of hip-hop and ballads. They scored several notable hits in the early 90’s by mixing r&b style and rhythms into their poppish sound. In the process, they forged a musical territory between soul and pop that would provide an important example for the boy band revolution of the 90’s.

The story of Color Me Badd begins in Oklahoma, where all the group’s members met while attending high school. They formed a vocal-harmony quartet and developed a mixture of rap, doo-wop and old school r&b as they performed locally. Their musical hobby became a career when they performed for Ronald ‘Kool’ Bell, the founder of Kool And The Gang. He loved Color Me Badd’s sound and helped the group find a record deal in New York. In 1991, they recorded their debut album CMB and issued a sultry combination of balladry and hip-hop called “I Wanna Sex You Up” as its first single.

“I Wanna Sex You Up” had a romantic groove to it that caught on with listeners everywhere. It soon hit #2 and stayed in the charts for a year, no doubt aided by its simultaneous appearance on the soundtrack of New Jack City. Their next song, “I Adore Mi Amor,” was their first #1 hit. In this song, the group proudly displayed their multi-ethnic roots by singing both English and Spanish lyrics. Their third single, “All 4 Love,” gave them a second consecutive #1 hit. Color Me Badd also scored additional Top-20 hits with “Slow Motion” and “Thinkin’ Back.” All this success pushed CMB into triple-platinum status.

In 1992, Color Me Badd appeared on Beverly Hills 90210 and released a remix album called Young Gifted And Badd. The next year, they performed the song “Forever Love” for the soundtrack of l]mv1848mu1232mu1099la Abdul.

Color Me Badd returned in 1996 with Now And Forever, which spawned another Top-10 single in “The Earth, The Sun, And The Rain.” Another one of its songs, “Sexual Capacity,” turned up on the soundtrack of the movie Striptease, and in 1998, Color Me Badd released Awakening. The group disbanded the next year, but several the members still pursue music: Sam Watters wrote the song “I Wanna Love You Forever” for Jessica Simpson, and Bryan Abrams has recorded a solo album. However, their fans will always fondly remember the sultry, r&b styled pop they created as Color Me Badd.

Artist Release History

1991 - C.M.B.
1992 - Young, Gifted & Badd
1993 - Time and Chance
1996 - Now & Forever
1998 - Awakening
2000 - The Best of Color Me Badd

Pop Sub Categories

bubble gum
hip hop

Essential Music Albums

CMB (Warner Bros.)

Band Members

Bryan Abrams vocals
Mark Calderon vocals
Sam Watters vocals
Kevin Thornton vocals

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