Mr. Mister

Mr. Mister

Synopsis of Pop Music

"So take these broken wings,
And learn to fly again,
Learn to live so free..."

Religious music and pop music have often been thought of by many people of as being two completely different styles. But things began to change in the 1980’s when artists like Amy Grant and Stryper began to cross over to the pop charts with religious-themed pop music. The most successful band to represent this trend was Mr. Mister, a quartet of veteran musicians from Los Angeles who created a stylish blend of high-tech sounds and subtly spiritual lyrics. As a result they became a success both in the world of religious music and on the pop charts.

Mr. Mister was born out of the friendship of Richard Page and Steve George. The two had previously recorded as Pages and became in-demand session musicians after they disbanded that duo. After attracting record company interest while working as back-up vocalists for Andy Gibb, they decided to form a new group. This time, they put together a quartet and developed a style of rock with a cutting-edge electronic sound. In 1984, they released a debut album called I Wear The Face. It stirred up interest, but bigger success was just around the corner for Mr. Mister.

Welcome To The Real World was released in the summer of 1985, deftly blending their high-tech style with lyrics that addressed spiritual ideas in a subtle but effective way. The group also released “Broken Wings,” a thoughtful ballad about love’s power to heal, as a single. It clicked with listeners and shot to #1 on the pop charts. It was followed by an equally popular single, “Kyrie.” The latter tune took its title from ‘Kyrie Eleison,’ a Latin phrase used in the Catholic Mass that means 'God, have mercy,' and spoke of traveling ‘on a highway in the light.’ Like “Broken Wings,” it was a #1 hit.

In 1986, Mr. Mister had further Top-10 success with “Is It Love” and joined Tina Turner as the opening act on her worldwide tour. The next year, they released their third album, Go On. It downplayed their electronic edge in favor of a more ‘live’ sound and included the song “Something Real (Inside Me/Inside You).” This tune did well on the pop charts and was also featured on the soundtrack of the Rob Lowe-starring hockey film Youngblood. However, this was the last album to be released by Mr. Mister, as the group disbanded in 1989.

The former members of Mr. Mister remain active in music today. Most notably, Richard Page has performed in Third Matinee and Pat Mastelotto went on to join King Crimson. Just the same, they will always be fondly remembered by many a pop fan for taking pop music to a higher spiritual plane as Mr. Mister.

Artist Release History

1984 - I Wear the Face
1985 - Welcome to the Real World

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Essential Music Albums

Welcome To The Real World (RCA)
Broken Wings: Encore Collection (BMG)

Band Members

Richard Page lead vocals, bass
Steve George keyboards
Steve Farris guitar
Pat Mastelotto drums

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