Jimmy and Kristy McNichol

Jimmy and Kristy McNichol

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Like many young television stars, Kristy and Jimmy McNichol took a shot at pop music stardom. Unlike many of their fellow stars, they achieved it. Their self-titled debut album became a chart hit and a cult classic among fans of teen-idol records.

Jimmy and Kristy McNichol were both seasoned actors by the time they turned their attentions to music: Kristy was the Emmy-winning star of the prime-time drama Family and Jimmy had a role on The Fitzpatricks. They had even competed against each other on Battle of the Network Stars (she was on the ABC team, he was on the CBS team). They landed a contract with RCA Records, home of Elvis Presley and David Bowie, and began recording the album during breaks in their acting schedules.

The McNichol siblings’ recording debut, appropriately titled Kristy and Jimmy McNichol, was released in June of 1978. The album was a smooth blend of disco and pop/rock sounds with the exuberant vocals of both stars on top. Although there were a few originals on the album (i.e.: future B-side “He’s A Dancer”), the songs were mostly cover versions like “Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay” and “He’s So Fine.” The latter song, a solo spotlight for Kristy, became a charting single.

The album was launched via a party at New York’s famous Studio 54. Burt Reynolds, who had recently co-starred with Kristy in The End, was one of the many stars in attendance at this bash. The album was a success thanks to Kristy and Jimmy’s tireless promotion of the album on television. One of their more memorable promotional appearances was the ABC All-Star Saturday Preview Special, which also featured Donny Osmond. On this show, Jimmy and Kristy performed songs from their album and sang duet versions of the then-current disco hits “Boogie Oogie Oogie” and “Last Dance.”

The McNichols never recorded a follow-up to their debut, but both Jimmy and Kristy have continued to have successful acting careers since then. Jimmy later recorded another album on his own and currently fronts a new band called the Wizard Kings, whose first album, EcoWarrior, featured Kristy singing on a few tracks. It seems that Kristy and Jimmy McNichol still have a little music up their sleeve.

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1978 - Kristy and Jimmy McNichol

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