Bobby Sherman

Bobby Sherman

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"Hey little woman, please make up your mind,
You've got to come into my world and leave your world behind..."

Bobby Sherman was a classic teen idol, the kind of handsome charmer who could drive young girls wild with one flash of his smile. He moved from television stardom to musical success with several slick hit singles in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Sherman’s love affair with music began at age 11 when he learned the trumpet. He would go on to master a total of 16 different instruments during his childhood. Sherman later became a featured performer on the TV program Shindig, which led to guest roles on shows like The Monkees and The F.B.I. His big break came when he landed a feature role on the show Here Come The Brides. The constant exposure made him a teen heartthrob and he landed his first hit with the slick, mid-paced “Little Woman.”

The success of “Little Woman” led to a series of pop hits for Bobby Sherman that continued through 1972. Among his other million-selling hits were “Easy Come, Easy Go,” “Julie, Do You Love Me?” and “La La La (If I Had You).” These songs ranged from peppy, uptempo pop to old-style ballads and Sherman delivered them all with confidence and a slick sense of showmanship.

The success of these records was further aided by Sherman’s frequent performances on TV shows. Decked out in a fringe jacket, a choker collar and love beads, Bobby Sherman was a perfect teen dream who sold as many posters as he did records. His pearly-white smile graced plenty of teen magazines and he even made an appearance on the Honeycomb cereal box. Fans who bought these boxes of Honeycomb also got free cutout Bobby Sherman mini-albums as part of the package.

Sherman chose to go into semi-retirement when the first of his two children was born in 1972. However, he has continued to act and perform throughout the years. He also developed an interest in emergency medicine after taking a course in first-aid for his kids. This led to a side career as a first-aid trainer for the Los Angeles Police Department. However, Sherman will always be most fondly remembered for his television stardom and his appealing pop hits.

Artist Release History

1969 - Bobby Sherman
1970 - Here Comes Bobby
1970 - With Love, Bobby
1970 - Christmas Album
1971 - Portrait of Bobby
1971 - Getting Together
1991 - The Very Best of Bobby Sherman
2000 - Love's What You're Getting
2000 - The Very Best of Bobby Sherman

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The Best of Bobby Sherman (K-Tel)

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