Dino, Desi & Billy

Dino, Desi & Billy

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This was a trio that had success in their blood. All the members had strong show-business ties: Dino was the son of Dean Martin, Desi was the son of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, and Billy Hinsche was the son of a Los Angeles tycoon who frequently hobnobbed with the Beach Boys. The trio united in the mid-60's and created a series of breezy, likable tunes that represented pop music at its most carefree and fun.

Dino, Desi & Billy had not yet reached their mid-teens when they formed their trio in 1964. They had barely begun rehearsing together when they decided to audition for Dean Martin’s old pal, Frank Sinatra. The legendary singer quickly got the young group a contract on his label, Reprise Records. Dino, Desi & Billy’s career moved into high gear in 1965: they charted with singles like “I’m a Fool” and “Not The Lovin’ Kind” and toured with the Beach Boys. For a while, their record releases managed to outsell Frank Sinatra's on his own label.

With their success established, Dino, Desi & Billy continued to record throughout the rest of the 60’s. Their music incorporated the kind of psychedelic touches that were popular at the time, but for the most part their output was the kind of well-scrubbed, cleanly-harmonized pop that could have been a hit in any era. Their work further benefited from access to top producers like Jimmy Bowen and Lee Hazlewood, not to mention ace songwriters like David Gates and Gerry Goffin and Carole King. They even got to record a Brian Wilson original, “Lady Love,” on one of their later albums.

Dino, Desi & Billy put out their last singles in 1970, but their music is still a favorite with pop fans and has influenced modern pop groups like the Smithereens. In fact, the liner notes to a recent Dino, Desi & Billy anthology were penned by Smithereens member Dennis Diken. Dino, Desi & Billy will always be fondly remembered along with the Monkees and Gary Lewis and the Playboys as one of the finest 'pure pop' groups of the 60’s

Artist Release History

1965 - I'm a Fool
1966 - Our Times Are Coming
1966 - Memories Are Made of This
1966 - Souvenir
1969 - Follow Me

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Essential Music Albums

The Rebel Kind: The Best of Dino, Desi, and Billy (Sundazed)

Band Members

Dino Martin vocals
Desi Arnaz Jr.* vocals
Billy Hinsche vocals

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