Pippi Longstocking (series)

Pippi Longstocking (series)

Synopsis of Movie

Swedish author Astrid Lindgren created an international heroine with her fun and adventuresome Pippi Longstocking books. The spunky redhead with the gravity-defying pigtails was a favorite among young readers, and the Svensk Filmindustri decided to bring her to the big screen in three feature-length adventures.

The first film in the series, originally released in 1970, came to U.S. theaters in 1974 dubbed into English as Pippi in the South Seas. Here, Pippi is assigned to baby-sit young Tommy and Annika, and she takes to the task with a surprising sense of responsibility. When a message in a bottle washes up on shore, Pippi learns that her father, Captain Longstocking, has been captured by South Seas pirates. Torn between duty and devotion to family, Pippi compromises, taking the kids along with her to find her father. She rounds up her charges and her pet monkey, swipes a hot air balloon and lifts off to the rescue.

The second installment, Pippi on the Run finds our heroine busily tracking down her friends, Tommy and Annika, who have run away from home. Patented red-haired adventures ensue, until the kids all realize that they should be back at home after all.

In 1975's Pippi Goes on Board, the Pipster gets ready to travel with her long-lost father to his magical island kingdom, Taka-Tuka. She foils crooks who try to steal her bag of gold, and, as usual, watches over friends Tommy and Annika.

Sizeable hits in Pippi’s native Sweden, the films made a smaller splash when they landed on the other side of the Atlantic. But as always, “En sommarsaga i sol och regn för små och stora full av äventyr och överraskningar.” (Loosely translated: “Pippi adventure make good for children, yes, with happy big fun for you ha-ha!”)

Movie Release History

1974 - Pippi in the South Seas
1974 - Pippi on the Run
1975 - Pippi Goes on Board

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Movie Studio

Svensk Filmindustri


Pippi Longstocking Inger Nilsson
Annika Maria Persson
Tommy Par Sundberg
Captain Longstocking Beppe Wolgers
Pirate Boss Kinfe-Jocke Martin Ljung
Pirate Boss Blood-Svente Jarl Borssen
Annika's Mother Ollegard Wellton
Annika's Father Fredrik Ohlsson
Marko Staffan Hallerstam
Pedro Tor Isedal
Franco Hakan Serner
Pirate Thor Heyerdahl
Pirate Olle Nordemar
Pirate Alfred Schieske
Pirate Nikolaus Schilling
Pirate Wolfgang Volz

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