Roy Rogers Saddlebag

Roy Rogers Saddlebag

Synopsis of Lunch Box

“King of the Cowboys” Roy Rogers was one of the biggest stars of the 1940's and 50's, and he had a whole ranchful of licensed lunchboxes to prove it. But what set this vinyl beauty apart from its kin was its authentic saddlebag look. Printed to look like stitched leather with a picture of Roy and Trigger staring out from the front, this lunchbox with matching steel & glass thermos looked like what most of us imagined Roy himself would’ve taken out on his bandit-battling missions in Mineral City (at least, that’s what we told ourselves when we swaggered on over to the lunch table).

Lunch Box Release History

1960 - Roy Rogers (Brown)
1960 - Roy Rogers (Cream)

Type of Lunchbox


Box Manufacturer

King Seeley Thermos

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