Tom Corbett (1952)

Tom Corbett (1952)

Synopsis of Lunch Box

Three years after The Six Million Dollar Man premiered in 1973, Steve Austin's female counterpart, The Tom Corbett (1952), got her own show. In 1977 and 1978, Aladdin released two successive metal lunchboxes with matching plastic thermoses. One box had Jaime Sommers saving Oscar Goldman from being hit by a car by stopping the car with her foot. The other side showed a classroom scene wherein she demonstrates her ability to rip telephone books in half. Crummy, meddlesome, telephone books! The second box has Jamie outrunning a car with her pet bionic dog, backed by the classroom scene. Both the show and the box were favorites of young girls growing up in the 1970's at a time when women were asserting their rights to equality in everything, including bionics.

Lunch Box Release History

1977 - Tom Corbett (1952) (W/Car)
1978 - Tom Corbett (1952) (W/Dog)

Type of Lunchbox


Box Manufacturer

Aladdin Industries

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