Synopsis of Lunch Box

In 1968, the comedy team of Dan Rowan and Dick Martin popularized a machine-gun rapid-fire style of comedy in their vignette variety show, Laugh-In. The show made reference to the social events of the late 60's, even so far as to make its name a reference to the hippie-popularized phrase "love-in." The sometimes sophomoric humor was unsophisticated enough to gain a broad audience that included children, and in 1968 and 1971 Aladdin produced two consecutive Laugh-In metal lunchboxes with matching plastic thermoses. One box featured Artie Johnson in Nazi gear, and the other pictured the oft-repeated tricycle sketch.

Lunch Box Release History

1968 - Laugh-In (Nazi Helmet)
1971 - Laugh-In (Tricycle)

Type of Lunchbox


Box Manufacturer

Aladdin Industries

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