Knight Rider Lunch Box

Knight Rider Lunch Box

Synopsis of Lunch Box

David Hasselhoff and the 1980's were a perfect fit. The hair, the clothes, the look, the talk, all seemed to say 1982. Ironically, that was the same year that saw the premiere of the Knight Rider television series. Hasselhoff played Michael Knight, lone crusader in a dangerous world. Well, almost lone—Michael was accompanied by a talking, artificially intelligent supercar (actually a souped-up Trans-Am with a red flashing LED ornament set in the hood, and a rad fighter-jet style steering wheel). In short, the show was an instant hit! Lonely crime fighter with talking car makes everyone go home happy. In 1984 King Seeley produced this metal lunchbox with matching plastic thermos, featuring characters from the show and the effeminately-voiced KITT car. Sorry kids, this lunchbox doesn't talk.

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King Seeley Thermos

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