Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel

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Known as much for his spectacular failures as much as his equally spectacular successes, Evel Knievel is still the reigning king of American daredevils. Evel doesn't so much as jump a curb these days, but in the late 1960's and 1970's, there wasn't much that Evel couldn't (or wouldn't try to) jump. Buses, cars, canyons, anything, and as a result, Evel became an absolute icon of the time. Children would whisper amongst themselves "Did you hear? He's broken every bone in his body!" and be impressed. A line of toys released in the early 1970's allowed children the vicarious thrill of making an Evel figure jump over living room furniture. In 1974, Aladdin produced the one and only Evel Knievel metal lunchbox with matching plastic thermos. Even daredevils need to eat lunch.

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Aladdin Industries

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