Kissing Potion

Kissing Potion

Fashion Synopsis

Forget about sticking fingers in pots of gobby goo or smearing lips with waxy sticks: Maybelline’s ‘Kissing Potion’ roll-on technology evenly distributed the sticky sweetness of gloss across the lips without mess or drips. In addictive flavors like Strawberry, Mighty Mint, Krazy Kola, Cherry Smash and Cinnamon Stick, these roller treats were candy for teenagers who considered themselves too adult for lollipops and Fun Dip.

The design featured a floating ball that rotated atop a transparent tube of honey-like liquid, bringing tasty flavors to the surface when rolled across the lips (not unlike a surprisingly yummy ball-point pen). Kissing Potion’s formula triumphed in a sea of lip balm products by delivering the allure of age and sophistication. Not just another colorful tube of flavored wax, the slick gloss with a ‘kiss’ of flavor secretly promised that your super-shiny lips would get the boys begging to kiss them.

The spell of sexy lips had been cast.

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