ID bracelets

ID bracelets

Fashion Synopsis

ID bracelets confirmed a person's identity, but they were so much more useful than that. When boys gave their sweethearts their ID bracelets, that couple was telling the world that they belonged to each other, that they were going steady. And not only that, but they were willing to have it etched in metal.

The identification bracelet featured a metal plate engraved with the boy’s name, and when he gave a girl his ID bracelet, she might have either her own name or a little love message engraved on the band as well.

Going steady was an important step in the dating world of the 50’s. Dancing and dating were all fine and good, but if you wanted to be more than friends, well, you were going to have to deliver some kind of symbol of your seriousness. Fraternity pins and class rings were gimmes, but for younger boys, nothing beat the ID bracelet.

The ID bracelet quieted some after the 1950’s, but the trend returned to the big time in the 80’s, when junior-grade monogamy returned to the young dating scene.

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