Identical outfits

Identical outfits

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Like mother like daughter, like father like son, but like brother like sister? Sibling rivalry is what keeps the family spirit alive, but in the goody-two-shoes 50’s this primal urge was assuaged by dressing brothers and sisters in matching outfits. The styles were identical, except that the boy wore pants while the girl wore a skirt. A cuter couple there never was.

Individuality and personal expression was a plague for many in the golly gee 50’s. Parents who feared the new phenomenon of teenage angst did their best to raise good, middle of the road children instead of hooligans. In addition to good values, adorable matching outfits seemed to be the best way to bond the family. If you looked like Dad in your miniature suit, then logically you should be nice, respectable and hard-working, just like Pops. Girls were clad in sweet mini versions of mom’s dress, or dressed up just like big sister for a family full of fun. Whether out to play at the beach or out for a day of shopping, the family that dresses together, successes together

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