Fun Phone

Fun Phone

Retro Coin Op Synopsis

If an arcader wasn’t tall enough to reach the buttons on a grown-up jukebox or payphone, Bally had an interim solution: 1960’s Fun Phone. This crimson apparatus was specifically designed for kids three to twelve, and nicknamed the “Junior Jukebox.”

Coin-carrying little ones (or their deep-pocketed parents), picked up the receiver on this payphone look-alike, and the fun began. Be it a fairy tale, a cowboy yarn or a little “Bozo the Clown” ditty, the bouncy-voiced storyteller chattered away on the other end of the line and made a kid feel, well, special. It was technically a “red line” after all, just like the one the President uses for all his important calls.

There were typically a dozen or so different pre-recorded anecdotes, and no call waiting to interrupt a listener. It was all good training for young yakkers, making Fun Phone the place where the future cell-phoners of America got their start.

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1960 - Fun Phone

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