Final Fight

Final Fight

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Before Jesse “The Body” Ventura, the baddest elected official in the land was Mayor Mike Haggar, a former street fighter and one of the three stars of Capcom’s Final Fight. Inspired by the two-player clobbering action of Double Dragon, Final Fight took the side-scrolling fighting genre by the ears, yanked its head down, kneed it in the face a few times, then threw a devastating uppercut to its jaw. Metaphorically, of course.

Coming through on his promise to clean up crime-ridden Metro City, the Mayor’s first official act was to take on the forces of the street gang Mad Gear, headed by the evil Belger. Naturally, the gangsters weren’t too keen on losing their turf to the new chief, so they tried to coerce Haggar into seeing things their way by kidnapping his daughter, Jessica. Bad move.

In addition to her burly, former pro wrestler pops, Jessica had a street boxing boyfriend named Cody and a good pal named Guy, who happened to be a ninja. Together, this thunderous threesome mounted a quest to rescue the beautiful Jessica from Mad Gear’s clutches.

Like most games of its kind, Final Fight took its heroes through several stages of play, each capped off by a fearsome boss character. Along the trek, special weapons and power-ups would become available to Haggar and company, each tailored to one of the three character’s abilities. Strong and slow Haggar fought best with a long pipe, Cody was an expert knife thrower, and Guy wielded the katana sword like nobody’s business.

The specialized abilities of the three stars were a nice twist on the genre, but the real appeal of Final Fight was the basic, primal joy of beating the mess out of large numbers of villains. The controls were simple—joystick, jump button, fight button—giving even first-time players the thrill of being the toughest kid on the block. The only real special move was a tailor-made “death blow,” delivered by hitting both buttons simultaneously. It cost your character a few health points, but that was nothing compared to the havoc it wreaked on the bad guys.

With its macho man brutality and heroic vigilante storyline, Final Fight soon became a favorite in arcades everywhere. Its reign would soon be ended by the Street Fighter II craze (another Capcom title), but for a while, Haggar, Cody and Guy were the kings of the urban jungle.

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1989 - Final Fight

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