Retro Coin Op Synopsis

As the old saying goes, close only counts in horseshoes and…well, let’s try to keep it peaceful in the arcade, folks.

In 1973, Williams developed Ringer, a new version of the old horseshoe toss. A player spun a control in the front of the cabinet, which moved the electronically displayed horseshoes. As the wheel turned, lights behind the glass flashed to let the tosser know how close his pitch came to the stake.

Prodigious game designer Norm Clark developed this coin-op much to the dismay of his colleagues, who weren't sure that tossing horseshoes would exactly have ‘em lining up at the arcades. They were wrong. The simple premise and easy controls made Ringer a surprise success, as players lined up to perfect their pitches, leaners, and ringers.

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1973 - Ringer

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