Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone

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Submitted for your approval: an arcade game that tackled one of the most beloved shows in television history and translated it into pinball form. Like the show that inspired it, this pinball became a great success and has too many fans to mention. This is the story of… Twilight Zone.

Unlike most modern pinball machines, Twilight Zone was housed in a very wide cabinet, the better to house its many features. Among the many ‘toys’ included on the game’s colorful playfield were a working analog clock, a miniature gumball machine (which housed a ceramic pinball known as ‘the powerball’) and a few magnets concealed beneath the playfield that could stop a pinball cold when activated. The game also featured a nifty slate of sound effects, including the Twilight Zone theme music and several sound clips of host Rod Serling’s voice.

In between all the eye-catching toys, Twilight Zone offered plenty of challenges for the serious pinball fan. The main objective of the game was to light up all the panels in a door painted in the middle of the playfield. This was achieved by hitting various targets while battling against time limits. Once all fourteen panels are completed, the game went into LITZ (Lost In The Zone) mode. In LITZ Mode, the machine launched six pinballs onto the playfield for 24 seconds of multi-ball play, keeping them on the board with an auto-plunger when they fell out.

The challenge of reaching the tremendously-entertaining LITZ mode was too good for pinball fans to resist, helping Twilight Zone become a big success at the arcades. Several Twilight Zone machines were produced between 1993 and 1995, and some can still be seen in arcades today. The game is also a serious favorite with pinball collectors for its cool design and endlessly-challenging game play. This long-lasting popularity proves that the Twilight Zone pinball machine truly takes pinball players to “a dimension beyond sight and sound.”

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1993 - Twilight Zone

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pin ball

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