Tokyo Wars

Tokyo Wars

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In the arcade’s early days, nothing spelled success like a good, solid tank. From early hits like 1974’s Tank to military simulators like 1980's Battlezone and on to futuristic battlers like Tron’s tank level, the sight of treads and turrets usually meant a sure-fire hit. In 1995, Namco decided the old genre was due for an update, and the company set out to create a high-tech take on the classic formula. The result was Tokyo Wars, a first-person tank simulator with a new look and a new setting.

One thing hadn’t changed since the days of Tank: Tokyo Wars was still a cat-and-mouse hunt, with tanks rolling through a maze to find and destroy their enemy counterparts. This time, however, players had a tank’s-eye-view, barreling through the fully-rendered 3-D city streets of “Downtown” or the “Bay Area” with the help of a steering yoke and forward/reverse foot pedals.

Along with your individual tank, the game provided a team of tank associates, all controlled by the computer in the one- or two-player version. Facing off against a human or computer opponent, the battle raged until every tank on one side was destroyed.

For larger arcades with the space and the means, the game allowed up to four two-player cabinets to be linked, opening up the possibility for a full four-on-four match-up of human-controlled war machines. Each tank had its own sit-down controls and individual monitor, and the deluxe cabinet even added a rump-thumping recoil feature.

The primal thrill of a tank hunt hadn’t changed since 1974, and Tokyo Wars delivered the goods quickly and powerfully. The simulator was another hit for Namco, and another tank classic was born.

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1995 - Tokyo Wars

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