Q.T. Hush

Q.T. Hush

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Private eye Q.T. Hush was a detective with something extra. His shadow seemed to have a mind and body of its own. The shadow, named Quincy, was able to talk, slide under doors, and even smoke cigars, making Q.T. a very effective sleuth. His faithful dog Shamus also assisted the investigator, sniffing clues while decked out in his own deerstalker cap. Like most private detectives, Q.T. had a love/hate relationship with the local police, in this case Chief Muldoon.

Q.T. Hush was imaginative and well animated, but its strongest asset was the fact that it was in color. Color cartoons were a precious commodity in the 60’s. While the show's 100 episodes were designed to be shown in 5-minute cliffhangers (10 per story) or half-hour adventures, most syndicated stations chose the latter, often using the program to complement an existing show like Dick Tracy.

Q.T. Hush has inexplicably disappeared from television since the 60’s, but it is still remembered fondly by the kids who watched it. The idea would be tried again a few years later in the NBC series Super President and Spy Shadow.

Release History

1960 syndicated

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TV Studio

Animation Assoc., M & A Alexander, NTA

Television Cast

Q.T. Hush Dallas McKennon

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