Inch High, Private Eye

Inch High, Private Eye

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“The World’s Biggest Little Detective” bore more than a little resemblance to Get Smart’s Maxwell Smart. Taking a page from that popular 60’s sitcom, Hanna-Barbera shrank its trenchcoat-wearing detective hero to 1/72nd normal size, enabling him to fly around in paper airplanes and fit in nooks and crannies no ordinary P.I. could hope to explore.

Inch High (his only name) shrank with the help of a secret potion, reverting to normal size when the effects wore off, which, of course, always happened at the least opportune moment. Together with niece Lori, her Jethro-esque bumpkin boyfriend Gator, and Inch’s pet Saint Bernard Braveheart (who carried Inch’s gadgets and disguises in his collar keg), Inch solved mysteries for the Finkerton Detective Agency. The team drove around in the Hushmobile, possibly the world’s first wiener-shaped stealth vehicle.

The bumbling Inch was a cocky loudmouth, but he always got his man. The show ran for only one season on NBC’s Saturday morning, but resurfaced as part of Hanna-Barbera’s many syndicated cartoon packages in later years.

Release History

9/8/73 - 8/31/74 NBC

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Television Cast

Inch High Lennie Weinrib
Lori Kathy Gori
Gator Bob Lutell
Mr. Finkerton John Stephenson
Mrs. Finkerton Jean VanderPyl
Braveheart Don Messick

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