Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“We’re gonna Zoom, Zoom, Zoom-a, Zoom…
Come on and Zoom-a, Zoom-a Zoom…
Ev’rybody’s doin’ it,
Ev’rybody’s groovin’ it,
Ev’rybody’s havin’ a ball, yeah!”

A product of WGBH-TV in Boston, this half-hour children’s series was meant to be both educational and fun. Intended for pre-teens and elementary school kids, Zoom was hosted by an ever-changing cast of seven to ten children, all clad in matching striped rugbys. The show consisted of games, stunts, films, songs, jokes and quizzes, all performed by the cast members themselves.

The topics covered were wide-ranging, running the gamut from art and science to baking to child safety. Viewers were encouraged to submit letters and ideas to the show, many of which were either read on air or used as inspiration for the show’s various sketches and songs (like the unforgettable sing-along, “Ubbi-Dubbi,” which spawned its own language). Fans could also request colorful “Zoom cards,” which were educational pamphlets that provided extra information about the topics discussed on the show.

The show ran successfully for six seasons. In 1999, WGBH began a new Zoom series, following the old show’s format and starring a new batch of youngsters.

"That's Zoom, Z-double-O-M,
Box 3-5-0,
Boston, Mass 0-2-1-3-4
Send it to Zoom!"

Release History

1/9/72 - 9/1/79 PBS

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

WGBH Boston

Television Cast

Amy Herself
Andrae Herself
Ann Herself
Arcadio Himself
Carmen Herself
Carolyn Herself
Cate Herself
Chee Himself
Chris Himself
Danny Himself
David Himself
David (the other one) Himself
Donna Herself
Hector Himself
Jennifer Herself
Karen Herself
Kenny Himself
Levell Himself
Lori Herself
Luiz Himself
Neal Himself
Nell Herself
Nina Herself
Norman Himself
Red Himself
Ron Himself
Rose Herself
Shawn Herself
Shona Herself
Susan Herself
Timmy Himself
Tishy Herself
Tommy Himself
Tracey Herself
Tracy Herself
Nicholas Butterworth Himself
Mike Dean Himself
Danny McGrath Himself
John Lathan Himself
Leon Mobley Himself
Edith Mooers Herself
Maura Mullaney Herself
Harvey Reed Himself
Jon Reuning Himself
Jay Schertzer Himself
Joe Schrand Himself
Nancy Tates Herself
Tommy White Himself
Bernadette Yao Herself

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