Anything But Love

Anything But Love

Synopsis of TV Show

It went from sitting next to each other on a plane, to working together, to loving each other, to living together. Be nice to the person you sit next to, in other words—never let a barf bag or an elbow in your side ruin conversation—because at the end of the day, you just never know.

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Richard Lewis, Anything But Love told just such a story of happenstance romance. Hannah Miller was an earthy and aspiring writer who met reporter Marty Gold when she soothed his patented anxiety on a plane ride. She lived in the woods at first, but since the woods aren’t a very strategic place for a print career (unless you’re Henry D. Thoreau), she packed up for the big, windy city after Marty got her a job at the Chicago magazine where he worked.

As a researcher, Hannah sat right across from Marty at the magazine’s offices, and though they were “just friends” for a long while (surrounded by some of that patented Moonlighting-type sexual tension), they finally consummated their affections in the third season. The show went off the air in the spring of 1989, and when it came back later that year (the on-and-off-again phenomenon was status quo during the show’s three year run), the magazine had a new editor, Catherine, and Hannah had been promoted to a writer position.

Since everyone needs a confidant when love rears its head, Hanna confided in pal Robin (the second “Mrs. Schmenkman,” an old and running joke between the two friends), and Marty in writer Mike Urbanek. Between career ups and downs, the nutty staff at the magazine, the drama of a new relationship, and all those ‘hands to forehead’ moments that Marty’s anxiety sparked, there was plenty comedic drama for the two erstwhile travel companions to deal with.

Release History of Prime Time Show

3/7/89 - 6/10/92 ABC

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TV Cast

Hannah Miller Jamie Lee Curtis
Marty Gold Richard Lewis
Norman Keil (1989) Louis Giambalvo
Catherine Hughes Ann Magnuson
Jules "Julie" Kramer/Bennett Richard Frank
Robin "Mrs. Schmenkman" Dulitski Holly Fulger
Leo Miller (1989) Bruce Kirby
Pamela Peyton-Finch (1989) Sandy Faison
Brian Allquist (1989-90) Joseph Maher
Harold (1989-90) Billy Van Zandt
Kelly (1989-90) Kate McNeil
Mike Urbanek (1991-92) Bruce Weitz

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