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George Foreman is more than just a boxer, he's a genuine media darling. In addition to his many boxing bouts, he has done advertisements for Thompson's water sealant, Meineke mufflers, McDonald’s, Doritos, Nike, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. He also invented a grill that has become a bestseller among cooking enthusiasts. All of this made him a familiar face on television, and don't think some young network executive didn't notice. Somebody picked up a phone, some deals were made, and in November of 1993, Foreman debuted on his very own TV sitcom.

Simply titled George (just like each of Foreman's five real-life children), the show placed its star in a domestic-sitcom setting. He played George Foster, a retired boxer who was married to Maggie, a guidance counselor at a middle school. George decided to help out his wife and lend a hand at the school, which led to lots of comic interaction between the kids and their physically imposing new authority figure. Other characters included Vee and George Jr. (a.k.a. Bubba), the daughter and son of George and Maggie.

George only aired up nine episodes before being canceled in January of 1994. However, Foreman continues to make his gruff-but-likeable presence felt on television and in films.

Release History of Prime Time Show

11/5/93 - 1/19/94 ABC

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TV Cast

George Foster George Foreman
Maggie Foster Sheryl Lee Ralph
"Vee" Foster Lauren Robinson
George "Bubba" Foster Jr.* Tony T. Johnson
Vanessa LaCrystal Cooke
Lathan Basmore Larry Gilliard
Juanita Anne Haney
Mauricio Butler Pablo Irlando
Daniel Hickok Cleandre Norman
Shasta Doniell Spencer

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