Living Dolls

Living Dolls

Synopsis of TV Show

This sitcom, a semi-spin-off of Who’s the Boss, focused on four girls studying to become models in New York City. The quartet consisted of naive Martha, ambitious Emily (a very young Halle Berry), the ego-driven Caroline, and the streetwise Charlie. Serving as their mentor and den-mother was Trish Carlin, head of the prestigious Carlin Modeling Agency.

Who's the Boss stars Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano occasionally made guest appearances on this show, but despite their occasional presence, the show was canceled in December of 1989. Getting over the disappointment quickly, Halle Berry would go on to a substantial movie career, appearing in films like Boomerang and X-Men.

Release History of Prime Time Show

9/26/89 - 12/30/89 ABC

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TV Cast

Trish Carlin Michael Learned
Charlie Briscoe Leah Remini
Caroline Weldon Deborah Tucker
Martha Lambert Alison Elliott
Emily Franklin Halle Berry
Rick Carlin David Moscow

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