Nanny and the Professor

Nanny and the Professor

Synopsis of TV Show

“Since the day that Nanny came to stay with us,
Fantastic things keep happening,
Is there really magic in the things she does,
Or is love the only magic thing that Nanny brings?”

Starting in the mid-1960’s, the success of shows like Bewitched and I Dream Of Jeannie inspired a television trend of magic in sitcoms. Pretty soon, it seemed like every sitcom had at least one episode where a character experienced some kind of mystical occurrence. Not to be outdone, a few shows tried to sustain this magical feeling on a weekly basis, among them a little gem called Nanny And The Professor. Though it didn’t enjoy as long a run as the magical comedies that preceded it, this show became an enduring cult favorite thanks to a clever combination of a heartwarming family scenario and an otherworldly sense of humor.

British star Juliet Mills (sister of Disney live-action regular Hayley) top-lined the cast as Phoebe Figalilly, a woman who served as the housekeeper and governess for a widowed professor and his three children. The kids were a diverse lot: 12 year-old Hal was a budding scientist who loved to experiment, 8 year-old Butch was constantly on the lookout for mischief, and 5-year old Prudence was a musically-inclined tot who loved to practice the same piano piece over and over again. The household also contained two pets: a sheepdog named Waldo and a guinea pig named Myrtle.

This was a lot for one woman to handle, but Phoebe (known to everyone as Nanny) was always one step ahead of the game, thanks to a set of fabulous psychic powers. She had the clairvoyant ability to see what was happening in the near future and could also psychically communicate with the household. If asked about her mysterious ability to predict what would happen, Nanny merely explained this gift away as “a little bit of faith and lots of love.”

The storylines usually involved Nanny’s subtle use of these special abilities to help the family deal with day-to-day crises like when the city planned to tear down the tree the kids used for their clubhouse, or when Prudence believed a monster she saw in nightmares was real. In later episodes, the show added a relative for Phoebe, Aunt Henrietta, to add to the paranormal goings-on. The character was a hit with audiences and led to the introduction of other magically-inclined relatives like Uncle Horace, who could do ‘rain dances,’ and Uncle Alfred, who was a ‘human fly.’

Overall, Nanny and the Professor was a nifty combination of the magic-themed comedy of I Dream Of Jeannie and the sentimental family elements of Family Affair. This combination worked like a charm with audiences, earning Nanny and the Professor a successful two-year run on ABC. The show is also fondly remembered for Juliet Mills’ sprightly yet heartwarming turn as Nanny, which helped her earn an American fan base that remains loyal today.

No attempts have been made to revive Nanny and the Professor, but it pops up occasionally in reruns. It always attracts plenty of viewers when it does, proving that its magical charm remains as potent as ever.

Release History of Prime Time Show

1/21/70 - 12/27/71 ABC

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Television Network


Television Studio

20th Century Fox Television

TV Cast

Nanny (Phoebe Figalilly) Juliet Mills
Prof. Harold Everett Richard Long
Francine Fowler Eileen Baral
Hal Everett David Doremus
Mrs. Florence Fowler Patsy Garrett
Aunt Henrietta (1971) Elsa Lanchester
Butch Trent Lehman
Prudence Everett Kim Richards

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