Samantha Fox

Samantha Fox

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“Baby don’t let me be misunderstood,
Temporary love’s so bad, but it feels so good,
Then along came you, now I know it’s true,
Naughty girls need love… too…”

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Sometimes naughty can be very, very nice. Such was the career of Samantha Fox, a self-described ‘naughty girl’ who set out to prove there’s no such thing as ‘overexposure.’ Good looks never hurt anyone’s career, especially in the MTV era, but pin-up girls have often had a rough go of the music biz. When most of the world knows you for your (ahem) ample assets, it’s sometimes hard to be taken seriously as a recording artist. But Samantha Fox defied the critics, funneling her sex appeal into a handful of Top-10 singles and gold albums.

London native Samantha Fox first came to the riveted attention of British males when she appeared in the Sun newspaper as a 16-year-old topless model. Many more photo shoots followed, and by the age of 20, Fox had parlayed her highly successful modeling career into the pursuit of her first love: music. A recording contract led to her first single, “Touch Me.” Not surprisingly, it was a sensual ode with a sultry synth-pop dance beat. But what may have been surprising to some was how much Fox’s come-hither voice added to the proceedings. The song was an instant Top-10 hit in her native land, as was its follow-up, “Do Ya, Do Ya (Wanna Please Me).”

While her success in the music world may have taken critics by surprise, Fox was confident enough in herself to take her act on the road, bringing her music to the U.S. and the international scene. “Touch Me” had the benefit of Samantha’s dancing form in a popular MTV video, and it also didn’t hurt that America’s young males all knew of her first career on the Sun’s Page 3. Further U.S./U.K. hits like “Naughty Girls” kept Fox in the limelight, as her first three albums—Touch Me, Samantha Fox and I Wanna Have Some Fun—all went gold.

Samantha Fox’s stateside career burned a bit less brightly as the kids moved on to future dance/pop queens like Paula Abdul, but Fox remained extremely popular on the international scene. Her appearances were met with enthusiastic response in locations as varied as Colombia, Bosnia and Malaysia. Fox continued to record dance music, dabbled in film and television acting, and remains one of the most-photographed personalities in her homeland. And by the way, she’s hot.

“Samantha Fox was such a wild dame,
Huh, but what’s in a name?”

Artist Release History

1986 - Touch Me
1987 - Rocking With My Radio
1987 - Samantha Fox
1989 - I Wanna Have Some Fun
1991 - Just One Night
1992 - Greatest Hits
1998 - 21st Century Fox
2000 - Hot Tracks: The Best of Samantha Fox

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