The Hudson Brothers

The Hudson Brothers

Synopsis of Pop Music

"So you are a star, okay,
Nobody knows you like I do..."

In the 1970’s, it was common for pop groups like the Jackson 5 and the Bay City Rollers to get their own television shows after becoming famous for their music. However, the Hudson Brothers did things a little differently: They established their fame in pop music and television at the same time. In the mid-to-late 1970’s, this talented trio of brothers starred in television shows like The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Comedy Show and also recorded a string of fine, classically-styled pop songs at the same time. As a result, they became both Saturday-morning favorites and pop stars.

The Hudson Brothers all loved music from an early age. By their high-school years, they had formed their own self-contained band and were playing at dances. As ‘the New Yorkers,’ they began recording their own Beatles-ish original songs in the mid-60’s. They were a seasoned recording and performing unit by the time they came to the attention of Bernie Taupin, record producer and lyricist for Elton John. Taupin signed them to Rocket Records, John’s label, and produced Totally Out Of Control, a smooth, well-crafted pop record that recalled the sounds of groups like the Hollies.

In 1974, the Hudson Brothers took their success to a new level when they came to the attention of the producers for The Sonny and Cher Show. They liked the brothers’ wacky sense of humor and gave them their own show, The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Comedy Show. Meanwhile, the Hudson Brothers stayed active as a recording unit and released the successful Hollywood Situation album. This record also gave them the first hit, “So You Are A Star,” a keyboard-driven song that sounded like something off the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album. It quickly became a Top-30 hit.

By 1975, the Hudson Brothers were television celebrities. Meanwhile, their music had made them a favorite of fellow pop stars like John Lennon (he fondly referred to them as “the kings of Saturday Morning”). They also released another successful album Ba-Fa. On this album, they showed off their skills as pop music chameleons by carefully recreating the sound of the Beach Boys on the original tune “Rendezvous.” Real Beach Boy Bruce Johnston co-wrote and sang back-up vocals on this song, which became a Top-30 hit when it was released as a single.

The Hudson Brothers continued to appear on television and record through the end of the 1970’s. As the 1980’s dawned, they decided to move into other areas of the entertainment business. Bill got involved in film production, Brett became a successful television director, and Mark worked as a record executive. The latter brother also continues to work as a songwriter and producer with such acts as Aerosmith (“Livin’ on the Edge”), Bryan Adams and Hanson. However, a loyal cult of fans will always fondly remember the Hudson Brothers for bringing fun to the radio and television airwaves during the 1970’s.

Artist Release History

1972 - Hudson
1974 - Hollywood Situation
1974 - Totally out of Control
1976 - Ba-Fa
1978 - People Like Us
1978 - The Hudson Brothers
1978 - Truth About Us
1995 - So You Are a Star: The Best of the Hudson Brothers

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Essential Music Albums

So You Are A Star: The Best Of The Hudson Brothers (Varese Vintage)

Band Members

Bill Hudson guitar, vocals
Mark Hudson lead vocals, drums, piano
Brett Hudson bass, vocals

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