The Romantics

The Romantics

Synopsis of Pop Music

"For whispering in my ear,
Tell me all the things that I like to hear,
Cause that's true,
That's what I like about you..."

The success of the Knack in 1979 inspired a sudden demand for groups who wore skinny ties and pursued a British-Invasion-derived pop/rock sound. The Romantics emerged from this glut of power-poppers by writing solid, catchy pop tunes and delivering them in a bracing, electric style. As a result, they became a popular live act and racked up some memorable pop hits.

The Romantics came from Detroit, the fabled ‘Motor City’ that produced top-flight rock and rollers like Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. The group’s members were all veterans of the local music scene and united over their idea of mixing classic power-pop style with the energy of punk. Soon, they were opening concerts for the Ramones. The group landed a contract in 1979 and recorded a self-titled debut album. It contained a power-pop gem called “What I Like About You” that mixed shouts, handclaps, and wailing harmonica into a power-pop stomp that quickly became a pop chart hit.

In the wake of this new popularity, the Romantics took their energetic power-pop on the road and toured with bands like Cheap Trick. Their combination of a strong visual image (the group wore matching red-leather suits) with high-energy music quickly turned the group into favorites on the concert circuit. They went for a slightly smoother sound on their 1983 album, In Heat, and were rewarded with a pair of Top-10 hits in “Talking In Your Sleep” and “One In A Million.” Both songs mixed 60’s guitar-twanging and a smooth new-wave production style to a unique effect.

Rhythm Romance was the last album the Romantics recorded before breaking up in 1985. Their music remained popular, especially “What I Like About You.” That song was revived in more than one television commercial and inspired the band to reform. Since then, they have recorded an independent EP and are working on a new album with former Blondie member Clem Burke in the drum seat. They continue to tour, bring their fiery brand of power pop to new and old fans everywhere.

"I hear the secrets that you keep,
When you're talking in your sleep..."

Artist Release History

1980 - The Romantics
1980 - National Breakout
1980 - Midwest Pop Explosion!
1981 - Strictly Personal
1983 - In Heat
1985 - Rhythm Romance
1993 - Made in Detroit
1996 - King Biscuit Flower Hour
2000 - Live

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Essential Music Albums

The Romantics (Epic)
What I Like About You (And Other Romantic Hits) (Epic)

Band Members

Jimmy Marinos drums, lead vocals (1978-85)
Richie Cole bass, vocals (1978-81)
Mike Skill guitar, bass, vocals
Wally Palmar guitar, vocals
Coz Canler guitar
David Petratos drums, vocals (1985-97)
Clem Burke drums (1997- )

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