Oh, Heavenly Dog

Oh, Heavenly Dog

Synopsis of Movie

Question: how can you bring dog/human body switching, reincarnation, an urban English setting and American import Chevy Chase together in one movie? Answer: Oh, Heavenly Dog. In this 1980 comedy, directed by Joe Camp (he of the three other Benji movies, as well), the smart-as-a-whip and deceptively adorable dog has to share his spotlight with hijinx comic Chase.

Chase plays private investigator Benjamin (Get it? A play on “Benji”?) Browning, who’s getting to the bottom of a political sex scandal in the very proper London when he’s very improperly murdered. When Browning comes to in Heaven, he’s told that he’s just “marginal material,” and that before it’s decided where he’ll be placed, he needs to go back to earth one last time—his soul, and a dog’s body.

Pleasantly enough, the reincarnated Benjamin’s owner is magazine writer Jackie Howard. To the best of his four-legged ability, Benjamin investigates his own murder as best he can—there’s a bit of trouble dialing the phone—but ultimately, even the phone’s got nothing on Benji's pluck.

Oh, Heavenly Dog was a definite change of pace from the low-budget Benji and For the Love of Benji, but the loveable little dog's charm hadn't faded a bit. The dog went on to star in the short-lived Saturday morning series Benji, Zax and the Alien Prince, and one final film, Benji the Hunted.

Movie Release History

1974 - Benji
1977 - For the Love of Benji
1980 - Oh, Heavenly Dog
1987 - Benji the Hunted

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Movie Studio

20th Century Fox


Browning  Chevy Chase
Jackie  Jane Seymour
Bart  Omar Sharif
Bernie Robert Morley
Higgins/Deaf Postie  Stuart Germain
Freddie  Alan Sues
Alistair Becket  John Stride
Montanero  Donnelly Rhodes
Margaret  Barbara Leigh-Hunt
Lady Chalmers  Margaret Courtenay
Quimby Charles  Richard Vernon
Mr. Easton  Frank Williams
Pelican Man  Albin Pahernik
German Clerk  Susan Kellerman
Carlton   Lorenzo Music
Patricia Elliot  Marguerite Corriveau
Jeffrey Edgeware  Harry Hill
Postie No. 1  David Samain
Postie No. 2  Neil Affleck
Patricia's Doorman  Gerald Iles
Lady with Dog  Jennifer Foote
Mover No. 1  Joe Camp
Mover No. 2  Dan Witt
Taxi Driver  Jerome Tiberghien
Elderly Man  Norman Taviss
Elderly Lady's Driver  George E. Zeeman
Autograph Lady  Wendy Dawson
Gallery Woman  Jeannette Casenave
Puzzled Lady  Gayle Garfinkle
Elderly Lady  Doris Malcolm
Umbrella Lady  Mary Rathbone
Maitre D'  Steve Michaels
Admirer Man  Henry Hardy
Policeman  Derek Osborne
Policeman  Steven Lanthier
Policeman  John Lefebvre
Lady Hermione  Kay Tremblay
Lady Hermione's Driver  Derek Cracknell
Floor Supervisor  Tony Angelo
Heavenite No. 2  Eric Zajdman
Glass Delivery Man No. 1  Eric Laliberte
Glass Delivery Man No. 2  Derek Copeland
Well Dressed Lady No. 1  Una Kay
Well Dressed Lady No. 2  Victoria Kogan
Beer Delivery Man  Jean-Guy Beauchard
Octavia Sister  Natalie Monet
Octavia Sister  Carine Fiszauf
Jackie's Doorman  Victor Desy
Swishy Guy  Philip Spensley
Pamela Natwick  Debbie Gordon
Pamela Natwick Man No. 1  Garrett Lewis
Pamela Natwick Man No. 2  Peter Cowper
Gallery Man  David Maltby
Becket's Secretary  June Ainley

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