101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians

Synopsis of Movie

“Get those puppies!”

In 1996, Disney’s animated classic One Hundred and One Dalmatians got the live-action Home Alone treatment from producer/writer John Hughes and director Stephen Herek (The Mighty Ducks). The 1961 version of the Dodie Smith novel introduced one of the most memorable villainesses in cartoon history: the cigarette-smoking, fur-adoring aristocrat Cruella DeVil (“If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will…”). It was a tough act to follow, but the Disney team picked just the right multiple Oscar nominee for the part: Glenn Close, who had played another gaudy-wardrobed eccentric in the Broadway version of Sunset Blvd.

Aside from a few career updates and a lot more slapstick and poop jokes, the story changed very little in the 1996 version. Roger Darling works as a computer game designer in London, kept company by his male Dalmatian pal Pongo. When Pongo notices the lovely Dalmatian Perdy out for a walk with her owner, fashion designer Anita, he knows it’s a perfect match for both man and beast. Through Pongo’s efforts, a bicycle ride in the park turns into a dunk in the lake, and both Roger and Anita and Pongo and Perdy experience love at first sight.

Now married, Roger and Anita couldn’t be happier, and Pongo and Perdy become the proud parents of 15 adorable Dalmatian pups. Enter Cruella DeVil, Anita’s boss and a connoisseur of animal pelts. Cruella has her greedy eyes on the Dalmatians’ hides, but no matter how high the price goes, Roger and Anita refuse to sell. And so, the cackling crone resorts to treachery, hiring no-goodniks Jasper and Horace to dognap the wee ones.

Thanks to the trusty “Twilight Bark,” ma and pa Dalmatian get news of their pilfered pups’ whereabouts, but once there, they find 84 more spotted darlings to save. Pongo and Perdy certainly have their paws full, but with the help of the local farm animals and a few well-placed horse pies, Cruella and her henchmen just might get their just desserts.

101 Dalmatians was another live-action blockbuster for the reigning kings of family entertainment, and across the globe, youngsters begged their parents for spotted merchandise and Dalmatian pups of their own. Disney followed up the film’s success with the Saturday morning 101 Dalmatians: The Series, and with a feature sequel, 102 Dalmatians, released in November 2000.

Movie Release History

1961 - One Hundred and One Dalmatians
1996 - 101 Dalmatians
2000 - 102 Dalmatians

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Cruella DeVil Glenn Close
Roger Jeff Daniels
Anita Joely Richardson
Nanny Joan Plowright
Jasper Hugh Laurie
Horace Mark Williams
Skinner John Shrapnel
Alonzo Tim McInnerny
Frederick Hugh Fraser
Herbert Zohren Weiss
Alan Mark Haddigan
Police Inspector Michael Percival
Minister Neville Phillips
Pensioner with Bulldog John Evans
Woman On Park Bench #1 Hilda Braid
Woman On Park Bench #2  Margery Mason
Doorman   John Benfield
Police Officer #1   Andrew Readman
Police Officer #2  John Peters
Arresting Officer  Bill Stewart
Doctor   Gerald Paris
Television News Reporter  Brian Capron
Veterinarian  Joe Lacey
Special Vocal Effects  Frank Welker

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