Ocean Pacific / Op

Ocean Pacific / Op

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Jim Jenks was just another surfer looking for a comfortable, durable, and functional board short before he became the mastermind behind the hot surfwear line Op, Ocean Pacific. Before the mass-market surfwear days that were to come, avid San Diego surfer Jenks launched a labor of love when he created board shorts for his surfing buddies, all emblazoned with his stamp of approval, a hand-embroidered ‘Op’ on the left leg of all his shorts.

Jenks' shorts became such an incredible hit that within a few years, Jim was partnering with many of his friends to help invest in his new corporation. Op expanded beyond board shorts to all styles of surf-inspired apparel, from t-shirts and shorts to even the casual wear that surfers found comfort in when not in the water. The most memorable innovation of Op, however, was the classic corduroy board short.

Op became the hottest thing to wear on or off the beach, battling it out with Duke Boyd’s Hang Ten and Lightning Bolt apparel lines for top dog honor. From Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean, and everywhere in between, Op was worn. Surfing is more than style, it’s a lifestyle, and Op is still going strong more than 25 years later.

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